Benefits Administration

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HMO and PPO without the OMG. Effortless enrollment and uncomplicated management, our benefits solutions empower your employees to take control of their medical and dental coverage.

Benefit Systems

  • Compensation Statements
  • Self-Service Enrollment
  • Life Change Management
  • Plan Usage Metrics 

Employee Navigator’s benefits administration software makes it easier to attract and retain great talent by offering an extensive benefits package with less benefits administration work.


Easier enrollment and management empower employees to control their benefits coverage.

Every employee will receive professional education on your company’s benefit plans and a customized enrollment experience no matter when they onboard.

With our team of licensed Benefits Counselors means new employees take full advantage of your company’s Benefits plans and get enrolled in just one phone call.

  • HR and Brokers offload the task of educating every new hire
  • Carrier communication automates the enrollment experience
  • Bill reconciliation and payment for automated benefits plans


Employees won’t have to worry about loss of benefits when they are in between jobs

COBRA administration your employees won’t have to worry about loss of benefits when they are in between jobs.

  • Full compliance with reporting and tracking
  • HIPPA Certificates
  • Payment and reporting transparency


Eliminate the manual tasks associated with Carriers via digitized forms or EDI feeds.

Eliminate the manual tasks of submitting forms or entering information into your Carrier’s or third-party administrator’s website with an automated enrollment data feed.

  • Enrollments, changes and terminations automatically sent to carrier
  • Cover employee and dependent elections and demographic information
  • Ideal solution for large groups with 100 or more employees 


Let us help create or improve your employee benefit package!